The beginning of 2015 WPSL season is getting closer day by day and FCT 253 doesn’t want to miss anything!

While the technical staff in Italy is recruiting some of the best players, it is also working in Sea-Tac area and all around the States to discover new American talents.

This is the reason why the Club decided for a new tryouts program. Instead of having only one day to meeting the players, knowing them and watching their skills, the staff organized several days for the players to come and show their abilities.
Briefly, from mid March to the first of April, several practices are set at Starfire Sports Complex, Seattle. Take a look at the schedule.

Anyone who wants to join the team, will be able, this way, to attend all the practices as well as a few or just one.
During the trainings our technical staff will watch the players and get to know them well enough to complete the roster that will participate to the WPSL 2015!

Give a look to the schedule and come to practice with us! Send an e-mail to soccer@acseattle.com to notify us when you’re coming!

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