Seattle Trentino Club – Let’s bring CORO SAN ROMEDIO to Seattle fundraising

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Dan and Seattle Trentino Club are starting a Kickstarter to bring to Seattle the Coro San Romedio in Fall 2016. Coro San Romedio is an a cappella mens group from Northern Italy, precisely from Val di Non, Trentino, in the beautiful Dolomites. They have been traveling around Italy and Europe to represent the trentino folks culture. It is about time to have them in Seattle!

Dan, whom ancestors left those valleys to come as immigrants to the US, met with Coro San Romedio this past Summer 2015 and he was right away captured by their beautiful voices. He made plans to share their voices and traditional songs with the Seattle area.

Those are their goals, as stated in the kickstarter website:
First goal: is for the Seattle area to raise $8,800 by October 1st 2015 to show “serious intent” with the invitation.
Second goal: is for Seattle to secure venues around the city for CSR to perform and to continue to raise funding.
Final goal: is for CSR to raise the remainder of the funding by April of 2016.

Here the link to the kickstarter page

Please help Dan and the association to fund this project! 30 days to go for the first goal!

Here are some link to more videos and website about Coro San Romedio

Coro San Romedio Youtube
Coro San Romedio website (italian)
Coro San Romedio facebook

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