UW Lectures – Alexander Nagel – The Renaissance Elsewhere

Alexander Nagel, Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, is among the most prominent scholars of Italian Renaissance art in the world today. His work has transformed our understanding of Michelangelo, of art and religious reform in Renaissance Italy, and of the Renaissance understanding of images more generally. For the University of Washington’s prestigious Walker-Ames Lecture, Nagel will introduce his exciting new book project, Renaissance Orientations. The book reconsiders the origins and development of the Renaissance from about 1300 into the sixteenth century, focusing on the import of Italian engagement with the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Silk Road, and ultimately the New World. Nagel’s lecture will contend that the period rise of painting to pre-eminence in Western artistic production was intimately bound up with the increasing power of Italian painting to re-present and interpret the widening range of objects and experiences made available by the new globalism of the late medieval and early modern period.

When:   Thurs. October 15, 2015; 7:30 p.m.
Where:   Kane Hall, Room 120
4069 Spokane Lane
Seattle, WA 98105
Cost:   Free, but advance registration is required.

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