Biblioteca Italiana Seattle reopens on Sunday February 28th

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Il Punto! Italian Cultural Center and Biblioteca Italiana Seattle have finally found a place. After moving out from our previous location in Capitol Hill almost a year ago, we are now happy to open again to the community. The address of the new place is 14300 Greenwood Ave N – Seattle, WA 98133 with easy and free parking on street.

Il Punto! Italian Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in Seattle in November 2014. The name “Il Punto!” – Italian for “the Point” – has been chosen with the idea of creating a center that could become the “punto d’incontro” (meeting point) for all the Italians, Italian-Americans and anyone in the North West region of the US, who is passionate about Italy and/or wants to learn more about it.
There are several events and activities that we are organizing and sponsoring.

One important project part of Il Punto! is Biblioteca Italiana Seattle. (Visit Biblioteca facebook page here!)
Biblioteca Italiana Seattle (BIS) is a collective of volunteers formed in early 2014 with the hope of providing a wide selection of Italian literature to promote Italian language and culture in the Northwest. For this reason, BIS can be of interest not only to Italians and Italian-Americans, but also to all people who are intrigued by the Italian culture and want to be exposed to the language of “Bel Paese”.

Thanks to numerous book donations from the community, BIS rapidly grew. Today about 1000 books are stored on our shelves.

The library will officially reopen Sunday February 28th from 2pm to 4pm.

Membership for BIS is free and users can borrow books at no charge. We however suggest to become members of Il Punto! Italian cultural center and take advantage of all the numerous opportunities offered to members. Become a member today!

BIS has an incredible collection of important classic and modern Italian authors, as well as numerous contemporary international novels translated into Italian. While some books by Italian authors can be found at the Seattle and King county public libraries, these do not provide an extensive selection of Italian literature like BIS does. Institutions like the University of Washington, on the other hand, are not readily accessible to the general public. Moreover, many works by great Italian authors are not even translated into English – but BIS makes them available to any user who may want to read them in Italian. A complete list of BIS books is available on Goodreads.

BIS also has a section dedicated to kids and teens. It is very important that children born in the US from Italian and Italian-American couples get exposed to Italian language since early age, so it does not get lost with time. (BIS offers a great variety of books, illustrated works and comics that parents and children can borrow and enjoy.)

The library also has some DVDs of movies in original language. Watching movies is a great way to learn a language, familiarize oneself with a culture and even see some places before visiting them in person.

For more information please visit our website

So many new possibilities that unfold for the Italian community! We hope you will be part of it!

If you want to volunteer as a moderator for our Italian conversation group, at the library, or you are interested in organizing events and collaborate with us, please write an email to

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