We are an Association of Volunteers.


Our Board of Directors is composed by 9 talented people of different cultural and professional background.

Dr. Andrea Callegari (President)

Mr. Franco Tesorieri, Honorary Consul of Italy for Washington state (Vice-President)

Mrs. Leeann Tesorieri (Treasurer)


Mrs. Paola Croci

Mrs. Roberta Tauriello Torgerson

Mrs. Heloisa Machado

Mr. Dan Kalstad

Mrs. Francesca Giambartolomei

Mrs. Francesca Morabito

To better serve our community of members, we have also formed the following Committees, each of which with different areas of expertise.

1) Finance
Chair: Leeann Tesorieri
Members: Franco Tesorieri
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

2)  Website and Media
Chair: Heloisa Machado
Members:  Francesco Lemma, Francesca Morabito, Irene Rembado
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

3) Members, Volunteers and community relation
Chair: Francesca Morabito
Members: Heloisa Machado, Dan Kalstad, Irene Rembado
Email: ilpuntoseattle.segreteria@gmail.com

4) BIS (Biblioteca Italiana Seattle)
Chair: Francesca Giambartolomei
Email: bibliotecaitalianaseattle@gmail.com

5) Italian Language activities
Chair: Roberta Tauriello Torgerson
Members: Paola Croci,
Email: ilpuntoseattle.language@gmail.com

6) Italian Food and Wine 
Chair: Franco Tesorieri
Members: Leeann Tesorieri, Andrea Callegari
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

7) Italian Lectures 
Chair: Francesca Giambartolomei
Email: ilpuntoseattle.event@gmail.com

8) Italian Arts, Cultural Events and Fundraising
Chair: Paola Croci
Members: Heloisa Machado, Leeann Tesorieri, Silvia Bajardi
Email: ilpuntoseattle.event@gmail.com