Our Organization

We are an Association of Volunteers.


Our Board of Directors is composed of 9 talented people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Paola Croci (President)

Franco Tesorieri, Honorary Consul of Italy for Washington state (Vice-President)

Leeann Tesorieri (Treasurer)

Francesca Giambartolomei (Secretary)

Andrea Callegari

Roberta Tauriello Torgerson

Joyce Morinaka

Francesca Morabito

Luca Cazzanti

To better serve our members, we have formed the following Committees:

1) Finance and Fundraising Committee
Chair: Leeann Tesorieri
Members: Franco Tesorieri, Joyce Morinaka
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

2) Members Committee
Chair: Francesca Giambartolomei
Members:  Monica Morrisey, Heloisa Machado
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

3) Volunteers and Community Relations Committee
Chair: Francesca Morabito
Members: Paola Croci, Alice Bendinelli
Email: ilpuntoseattle.segreteria@gmail.com

4) Website and Media Committe
Chair: Francesca Morabito
Members: Paola Croci, Alice Bendinelli, Francesco Lemma, Lorenzo Lodi Rizzini, Heloisa Machado
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

5) BIS (Biblioteca Italiana Seattle) Committee
Chair: Luca Cazzanti
Members: Richard Brooks, Francesca Giambartolomei, Monica Morrisey
Email: bibliotecaitalianaseattle@gmail.com

6) Italian Language Activities Committee
Chair: Roberta Tauriello Torgerson
Members: Paola Croci

NOI – Not an Ordinary Italian School
Chair: Chiara Marazzi
Members: Paola Croci, Francesca Gigi

Email: ilpuntoseattle.language@gmail.com

7) Italian Food, Wine and Cooking Committee: 
Chair: Franco Tesorieri
Members: Leeann Tesorieri, Joyce Morinaka
Email: ilpuntoseattle@gmail.com

8) Italian Lectures Commitee 
Chair: Francesca Giambartolomei
Members: Paola Croci, Roberta Tauriello Torgerson
Email: ilpuntoseattle.event@gmail.com

9) Italian Arts and Cultural Events Committee
Chair: Paola Croci
Members: Roberta Tauriello Torgerson, Joyce Morinaka
Email: ilpuntoseattle.event@gmail.com