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Why learn Italian with us? Il Punto offers small groups and we emphasize an informal, friendly environment that fosters community and sharing of experiences. Our instructors are native speakers -- many trained at the university level -- and are passionate about sharing Italian culture and language. Il Punto also hosts a free library of 2,500 books in Italian or about Italy to help you learn and discover Italian language and culture. Andiamo!

Conversation Groups

It has been said that the Italian language is music to the ear and the culture food for the soul. Are you interested in practicing your Italian and adding to your knowledge of Italian culture? Do you want to learn about the history of this fascinating country, its places and people? If so, you will want to participate in the Il Punto Italian Language Conversation Groups on Saturday mornings. Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced groups are guided by native Italian speakers. Improve your ability to speak Italian for your next trip to Italy! Find out more at Conversation Groups

BIS - Biblioteca Italiana Seattle

Il Punto is pleased to offer Biblioteca Italiana Seattle (BIS), a library of books, movies and music in the Italian language. The BIS catalog includes almost 2,500 books available for free to the general public. It spans fiction, history, biography, art, cooking, travel, Italian language learning, and a sizable collection of children’s books. The BIS give you the resources you need to learn and cultivate your Italian language skills and to deepen your understanding of its culture, history and art. Vieni a trovarci! Learn more ...

NOI - Children's Italian Language Program

Il Punto's NOI (Not an Ordinary Italian) Program, taught by native speakers, immerses children from 2 to 12 in the Italian language through an engaging environment of play and conversation. Three classes — Cubs, Koala, and Panda — range from absolute beginners to proficient Italian speakers ready to work on the finer points of grammar and composition. NOI is a hugely popular program, unique in the Seattle area, and fills up quickly! Learn More ...

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