NOI Bimbi Italian Language Program for Children

Il Punto's NOI (Not an Ordinary Italian) Program, taught by native speakers, immerses children from toddler to 12 in the Italian language through an engaging environment of play and conversation.

Three class levels — Cubs, Koala, and Panda — range from absolute beginners to proficient Italian speakers ready to work on the finer points of grammar and composition.

Early exposure to a second language not only increases the likelihood of gaining language proficiency, but it has been shown to improve a wide variety of cognitive skills. The most effective way for children to learn a second language is to put them in situations where language surrounds them. 

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For more information about the NOI Program or to ask about placement, please contact us at

2024 Fall session signup will open in late June. 


  • September to December 2024: Signup opens in late June.
  • January to May 2025: Signup opens in November.

Location: ROOM 6 - Phinney Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA

Age Groups and Classes:

  1. Orsetti Italian Playdate Group (Ages 2-3 years old)
  2. Koala Group (Ages 4-6 years old)
  3. Panda Group (Ages 6-12 years old)

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