Nuova Musica Italiana

The Space Noodles comes back shinier than ever, presenting a new music set with contemporary pieces.
In this new iteration of the Program, the Space Noodles will bring a mix of Indie pop-rock, electronic pop, and songwriter pop. The program includes experimental pop and classic Italian new wave anthems.


Gli Space Noodles tornano più scintillanti che mai, presentando un nuovo set di pezzi contemporanei.

In questo nuovo appuntamento del programma, gli Space Noodles porteranno un mix di Indie pop-rock, electronic pop, e songwriter pop. Il programma include anche del pop sperimentale e qualche classico inno della new wave italiana.

Prossima Data

Siamo lieti di annunciare il nostro prossimo evento musicale

We are excited to share details of our next musical event

September 23, 2023, 4:00 PM

at the

Festa Italiana

Seattle Center,

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Moretti Stage

Space Noodles

Band Members

Tiziano Recchi: guitar

Gianfranco Foddai: guitar, keyboards

Francesco Caltanissetta: guitar

Marco Di Blasi: drums

Lorenzo Iovino: piano, keyboards, guitar

Pietro Potestá: bass

Simone Leorin: piano, keyboard, percussion

Chris Harris (feat): drums

Former Members

Dauphine Dauphiné: vocalist, percussions

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